Sunday, 22 May 2011

Degree Show, Ebay and Folksy!

Hello everyone!

I haven't logged on in a little while as I've been wrapping up my third and final year of degree! I'm pleased to say I have now handed in all my work but I'm still living in Leicester until the end of June as I have a degree show coming up. If any of you are in Leicester around 18th June until 23rd June then come to see the show! It's basically everyone from the Art and Design faculty at my university showcasing there hard work from the past year, we literally have every course here so there is a wide range of things to see. Check out the page here HERE

Also I have a few things for sale on ebay at the moment... check them out too

FINALLY.. I've managed to put a couple of bags on my Folksy for sale. There made from vintage fabric as I am a bit of a collector, hopefully some more things to come on there though like patchwork cushions? I do love a bit of patchwork...
Check that out HERE

Actually what things would you like to see on Folksy??

I am now going to attempt to look at everyone elses blog to see what they've been up to!

Much love xox

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