Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Outfit post

I decided to do an outfit post today!


I hope everyone is enjoying the build up to the royal wedding! I am meeting my friend for cream teas tomorrow at our favourite riverside tea rooms and stringing up some union jack bunting outside the front of my house! Then on friday mother and I will be wearing co-ordinating tea dresses, photo to follow and noshing down to some tea and cake once again!

What are your plans for the big RW?

Much love

Leanne xo


Kick Up The Dust said...

Is that the skirt you were wearing on the friday we went out? i bloody love it - got my eye on a similar one at American Apparel - so bloody expensive though! xx

Leanne Flavell said...

yes it is! Thanks mate :) I just had a look they have some gorgeous chiffon ones, baby blue yes please! 40-50 squids though! eep! xox

Kick Up The Dust said...

I no well pricey! I want the chiffon peachy coloured one!