Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Car Boots

Home for the holidays means car boot sales! The weather has been spectacular recently so the car boot sales have been reeeally good! I have got a few bits, I am yearning so bad for a house of my own so I can buy homeware and furniture like no mans business but alas living with my parents inbetween uni means this has to be put on hold. Only a couple more months until I graduate! Then it's reality..

my gorgeous new fan!

A small selection of fabric.

I also found an unopened 20 piece dinner set of this floral Arcopal pattern. It includes 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 cups and saucers. The story behind it was that the lady had had two sets for a wedding present over 30 years ago and only used one set so I snapped up the chance to buy it. I love vintage pyrex/Arcopal/Opalware :)

That's it for now folks, I hope there are some more bargains to be had tomorrow!


Kick Up The Dust said...

Those tea cups and plates will be perfect for our tea party in the park after hand in!
get making those scones leanne! xxx

ella belle @ bellevintage said...

the tea cups are the sweetest! im off to some car boot tomorrow - hope we both have some luck xx

Dichohecho said...

Lovely fabric, awesome dinner set and I love your background! Wish my Dad wasn't so stingy with car use, I'd be all over the local car boots!