Wednesday, 12 January 2011

new jewellery!


FabiƩnne said...

thats well cute! where you get them from??
and how is mockle?


Kick Up The Dust said...

Very nice leanne - have you seen this?

Asos are selling vintage/boutique brands - some stuff there you might like!

Leanne Flavell said...

The watering can necklace and cameo ring are from accessorize and the teapot/teacup necklace is from primark! I'm good thanks Fab, hope your well haven't seen you for ages!

Thanks Em will check it out :)


Becky-May said...

beautiful finds! love all of it

The Flower Girl


Sadie's Wardrobe said...

I neeeeed some jewellery like this!

In reply to your questions:
The trousers are from Zara - they're corduroy ones. There might be some left in the sale!

And I'd say that the rag market is probably the best place for fabric! It's just down the big slope by the Bullring in one of the indoor market areas. I can't remember which days its open though. If not, the outdoor market next to the indoor market usually has a lot on offer - that's where I bought the material for the blouse!

I hope that helps :) x

eM. said...

first is so cute!