Sunday, 14 November 2010

Brilliant Weekend

Hihihihihihi and more hiiii !

This weekend I have been at home and it's been a joyous one!

Friday went to the Cath Kidston factory shop in St Neots and found my friend a birthday present and my mum got me a christmas present! Slightly cheaper than the average bear too :) Also went to the regular charity shop haunts and bought a dress, some even asked how I was getting on at uni which was sweet!

Yesterday was fantastic! Went to London for the Country Living Christmas fair! Had such a good time, my perfect idea of spending a day :)
I bought a couple of bits for my friends birthday and secret santa christmas and my mum bought some oven gloves and tea towels in lovely floral patterns! Oh and my mum bought me some handmade lavender soap, which smells divine!

Then this morning, we went to the car boot, wellies in tow, coats on to see if we could find anything..

These beauts!! Have wanted some of these for a while now and at £1 each, I don't think no is in my vocabulary.

Also got a cutlery tray and a soap dish (for my new soap) in bright colours as well as this cute mug as a replacement for one my mum accidently broke! aand a couple of bits as secret santa christmas again!

Finally I wanted to include a picture of our cockatiel, he quite clearly appreciates a good magazine when he sees one! Kisses and whistling all round from him!


Belle xx said...

yay for cath kidston!
i am glad you had car boot sale success, my usual sunday one was rubbish today:( xx

tales of a jUnkaholic said...

Do you want to swap your cockatiel for my cat?! X

Serendipitychild said...

Gosh I love your carboot finds, how fab!

Joanna said...

Great finds! Just came across your blog :) it's lovely and your outfit posts are gorgeous. xx

Harriet said...

ooh, I was at the country living fair last weekend! I really loved it but it was soooo busy! Love those oven gloves!

Chelsea Lane said...

you have such a fun blog! I have never heard of cath kidston, sounds awesome! your bird is tooooo cute <3