Friday, 2 July 2010

A long overdue thrifty finds post!

So I have been meaning to keep on top of showing all the things I have been buying recently! After a while it seems to mount up especially as the hot weather brings so many more people to the car boot sales! This also makes me realise how much stuff I get while i'm at home ! I can just tell when I get my own house it's going to be full of random lovely things that in no way co-ordinate with each other. OH WELL!
Here we go ! Enjoy!

OH and as I mentioned on a previous post, I have some more exciting work experience which starts monday... and it's at the wonderful..... Cath Kidston !
I can't wait, it's only for a week but I'm looking forward to it so much, will be the experience of a lifetime for me personally as I'm such a fan of the company :)

These are Laura Ashley romper suits, one is for me and one is age 3 for my niece!

Floral Trousers - £4

Dungarees - £1

Dress - £1

Shorts - £2

My Liquorish dress !

Loafers - £3.50

My mum's shoes from Camden charity shop !

Cath Kidston for Tesco bag - 50p

Cath Kidston oilcloth in Boat print, 1 metre - 50p!

Emma Bridgewater jotter pad, kentish town road charity shop - £2

Cake stand - £2

Blanket - £1

Tumblers - Free from the lady I bought the blanket from! These are actually from Tesco as I spotted them the other day for £3!

Glasses - £1

Rug - £1.25
& quite a few books....

Homemade Baking - £2.25

Style and Occasions by Kate Spade - 50p each

Lucky and The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold - £1.50 each, I really enjoyed The Lovely Bones so when I saw these I couldn't resist!

The Tea House on Mulberry Street and a Paris guide book as I am going back mid september! Hopefully will be nicer weather as last time I went in Feb and it snowed so was absolutely freeeezing!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, it's supposed to be another scorcher so i'm hoping for some good turn outs at the car boot sales! I'm after an old folding bicycle and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a decent one that's not overpriced!


Dina said...

aww the matching floral rompers are so cute! You should post a photo of you both wearing them ^_^ x

Anonymous said...

What amazing finds! I have the exact same cake stand for my wedding, except I bought mine on eBay, for £14.99. Sigh....

thelonelyteapot. said...

You've found some pretty amazing things there! I can't wait to get myself along to a car boot sale when I have some money.


Lynne said...

Love the £1 dress! And the rompers - although I so could not carry them off!

Kat said...

i'm so jelous of your thrift finds, especially the shorts, dungarees and romper!!

Belle xx said...

i made my boyfriend look at this post and pointed out that i am envious of about 90% of this!
the rompers, the loafers and the cake stand!!
Wow-ee xxxx