Thursday, 3 June 2010

Finds :)

I have been buying up all the charity shops and car boot sales it seems recently! So just a post to show you all the lovely things I have got! Also I had my hair cut today exciting stuff as it hasn't been done in over 2 months and my short do needs the upkeep! I actually had it clippered today which I have never done before at grade 6, it feels so soft!

Boots £4 - Car boot sale & Tin (going to be used as a lunchbox) £1 - YMCA

Vintage paris postcards £2 - Scope & Bob Dylan book £1.50 - Age UK

Y Tu Mama Tambien £4 - BHF & Windsor and Newton Inks £6 - Barnardos

Vintage Fabric about 3-4m I would say for 50p! Car boot sale

Teacup, Saucer & Teapot £2 - Age UK

Teacup, Saucer & Side plate £1.10 - Multiple Sclerosis

Dress £3.50 - Scope

Crop Top 50p - Car boot sale

Batwing Jacket 50p - Car boot sale

Wicker baskets £7 each - Market

Finally managed to get a copy of this as magazine cafe let me down off of ebay !

I am reading this book at the moment, it's Mary Quants autobiography. I got it from my uni library, it's really old and infact the first time someone got it out from what I can see is 1979! When my uni was called a polytechnic!

Finally here is a picture of my cat asleep on my Cath Kidston laptop bag, she's got style is all I can say!


ZuzoliƄska said...

I love your boots!!!!!

Charlotte. said...

i have that bob dylan book! it's really good (:
those are some really great finds!

Karolina said...

These treasures are so sweet!