Monday, 24 May 2010

Seventh Magpie Adventure

Some of my friends and I went on a magical countryside walk the other day. Right by where we live in Leicester is a canal and we decided to follow the canal into the countryside and have a picnic and hours of walking, it was mucho fun. The reason for the title is that we saw lots of magpies while we were sitting in this fantastic field of buttercups and as they say 7 magpies means a secret that shall never be told, we thought this place was just a secret wonderland so it was very fitting :)

Deciding which direction to go

On the swing

Crossing the steam

Buttercup field

In the wilderness

Under the Bridge

Making Wishes


Hope your all enjoying the sunshine :)


Ashlee said...

this looks like a magical place for sure...

sometimes living in a big city wears me down.
wandering around in nature is such a nice escape.

Ashlee said...
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Polly Farthing said...

These are such lovely photos - it really makes me miss home. Apparently it's been scorching in England recently? It's very very hot here too of course but there isn't all the lovely greenery.
Hope you've been having fun!

Polly x

Mandy said...

I really dont no where we went we didnt have a map just wondered around. went to cambridge as it is half way between where i live and my bf, and thought we have a little adventure. is your home town cambrigde? i want to visit again so wanted a ride a bike tho lol