Sunday, 16 May 2010

Recent Shenanigans

I've been at home for almost a week now, going back to Leicester later this week and I have been a busy bee.
Charity shopping, car booting, feeding the ducks, drinking large amounts of coffee as always and sewing up dresses which are too long for me!
A few purchases of late...

This little leather suitcase which will be perfect for putting all my sewing bits and bobs in for third year of uni. At the moment I use a plastic toolbox which isn't the nicest of things!

These bowls and plates, so cheap and cute I couldn't resist! Total spent is £1.20!

I also bought Country Living magazine this month, it's there silver jubilee anniversary, very good read :)

This is a dvd I have wanted to watch ever since I found out about it, it's really hard to get hold of (amazon I think is the only place) and I managed to come across it in my uni library of all places! It's a documentary about Barbara Hulanicki now, all these years after Biba. It's a really good watch even though it's only an hour long I would recommend. Also if your interested in this subject read Barbara's biography, it's an excellent book.

Finally, this is a mug which my mum bought me for easter! I don't know why I haven't shared it before now but anyway I loveee it!

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Charlotte. said...

i must watch that film! i loved her autobiography.