Wednesday, 12 May 2010

100th Post! The end of second year

I have now finished my second year at uni and couldn't be happier that the summer is starting.
For me it means spending time with my family and friends, visiting other friends, sewing projects and constant car booting for the next 4 months!
I also have work experience placements this summer which is exciting :)

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Leicester Artisan Festival which is a new thing for Leicester, I was so excited to see lots of vintage and handmade items.

I got a dress and a hat and another dress from a charity shop which both need shortening.

I also got some new pj's and I had to share as the print is so cute!

Yesterday I dyed my hair.. not once.. but twice! Which I know is most likely really bad for my hair but i'm impatience! So the first was bleaching, I have to say this isn't my favourite past time as peroxide smells disgusting. Whacked a bit of 'hot cinnamon' on and this is the result. I am rather happy with it! :)


Dina said...

ahh the dress with the collar is so cute!

Leanne said...

thank you my dear :) it's actually laura ashley ! xo

Anonymous said...

Hello hello!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment - I missed you!

Here I am back to blogging after all this time and I'm so glad.

Loving how your blog is looking! The background and the title are so cool. I see you've been thrifting a bit too and I like what I see! Some gorgeous bits and bobs, especially that cute hat!

Bet you're glad you finished your 2nd year?

Polly x