Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring Spring Spring

As it's been a lovely day today I thought I would do an outfit post to celebrate!
The jacket i'm wearing is actually a floral denim jacket, I know it's a bit hard to tell but really, it is. It has to be one of the best buys I've ever had, 20p from a jumble sale, can't get much better than that really can it? The pink dress is also thrifted from a charity shop :) Let's hope tomorrow is a sunny day as i'm off to the car boot sale, yes on a saturday I know, but it makes the weekend so much better :) Nighty night


Dina said...

omg yeah im hoping it's sunny tomorrow aswell for the same reason ;)
Im super excited as it's the first one of the year for my favourite bootsale... my fiance thinks im well sad! hahaha

MelMel said...

Cute jacket n frock!
Been so sunny here!x