Friday, 16 April 2010

Past couple of days...

Have been really nice apart from the hiccup I had with my project (online printers missed 23 pages out of my book). If any of you don't know I live in a small village just outside of Cambridge, the mother and I decided to go for a trip into the city to have a squint at the charity shops/vintage shops getting a dress for me and a skirt for mumsy :) I took a few pictures of the things I love and think are cute cute cute in Cambridge, enjoy :)

Jamie Oliver Restaurant !

Ark !

Cute John Lewis Advertising !

We also went to feed the ducks today, which even though it was a little chilly was really nice, they all jumped out to get some bread! This is St Ives (not in Cornwall) it's the closest town to my village and I love going there it's so quaint and cute and has some really good charity shops :)

I want this house!

This was a window in a beautician's which I thought was rather lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, I'm back to uni on sunday, not long left to go now until the end of second year, I want to do some things before I leave for summer like go to Cadbury World ! xox

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