Wednesday, 7 April 2010

London at Easter Time

I've been back from uni for Easter for a week and a half now, so delighted as I finished the main bulk of work I was supposed to do over easter last night woopa :)

On saturday, mumma bear and I went on the typical 'Leanne is back home' expedition to London. This is the cute train station cafe at a ridiculous hour of the morning!

I wanted to go at the weekend as many of you have probably heard the American Apparel rummage sale was on at Brick Lane, so I got there for 10 and it wasn't as bad as people had made out, maybe because I have gotten there pretty early however it wasn't really for me, lots of pretty pretentious youngsters pushing each other about for a lot of what seemed to me acid wash er everything and metallics, which isn't really my cup of tea but i'm glad I went just to see, I think I prefer a much more civilised look around one of the stores.

We managed to find a few charity shops in various different places but the prices were crazy to what i'm used to.
We went to Portobello Road market which was really lovely, the houses around Notting Hill Gate are beautiful, I wish I had a house around there!

Visited 3 Cath Kidston shops! Bought a few items...

This was an All Saints window down Portbello road, it had 100's of vintage sewing machines all lining the windows, fantastic.

I took a few snaps of shops which put a smile on my face when I walked past :)

This was Fenwicks, thought it was pretty witty.

I found an Emma Bridgewater shop which had some lovely lovely things in, but I had already treated myself to some Cath Kidston goodies so alas it will have to wait!

This little shop is called The Last Place on Earth and its full of loads of vintage really typically english items which all looked so good in the small space that it was, the man was also very friendly!

My feet really ached by the end of it and the train ride home was squished as there was a football match on but all in all a wonderful day !

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Clare said...

I'm heading up to London tomorrow, will definitely be visiting some of these!