Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mumma Weekend

Bllllllimey, I have not posted in over a month, I think uni turns me into some anti-blog writing hermit >.< ! Hopefully the summer will bring much more concentration to it. So last weekend was mothers day weekend and I had such a lovely time, hadn't seen my mum in a few weeks so it was great to spend some time with her. I bought her a couple of Cath Kidston goodies, glasses case and ticket holder in bath flowers print. (I hope everyone has checked out the limited edition bags on the website!)

I also got her some spring flowers which can put a smile on anyones face and her favourite dessert, Eton Mess!

We also went to see Lovely Bones, we've both read it so was worth a watch. It was a good film but it was set out differently in parts and some characters were missing but as everyone always says you can't portray a book in a film fully without missing out certain elements, I guess the film would have to be like 6 hours long.

We went shopping during the day and I got a couple of bits..

These tights I actually got free as we had a company come into uni and do a talk on there hosiery and then they gave everyone a free pair, they are actually a mustard colour even though the picture doesn't portray it very well.

Finally we went out for a lovely meal on the sunday, the restaurant we went to was overlooking the river so we had a great view when eating. There was a little boat which was doing river trips but it was a bit cold for that. The inside of the restaurant had aspects of being nautical which fitted rather well and to top it off my niece was a little angel!

cheeky Tiddy picture, meow.


MelMel said...

Such cute bow shoes!

Clare said...

wow that sounds like such a lovely day. Your mum is a lucky lady to get those cath kidson goodies!
Thanks for your help choosing my blog button by the way.

Hannah.Dunk said...

I have those Pamela Mann tights.
What was the talk like? I love them, they were given to me with a couple of other bits for styling this shoot for 'R' magazine :) xx

Anonymous said...

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