Monday, 25 January 2010

So long so good

So it appears I haven't written anything on here since before christmas which quite frankly is terrible of me. My housemate keeps telling me to update more often which as well as feeling like I don't have time makes me want to do it even less !
This entry is going to contain quite a few images of this and that as I haven't written for so long so I hope you enjoy!

Firstly, christmas, mine was pretty good, saw friends and family which is all I wanted to do. The only downside to christmas was getting stuck in London for 2 hours in the freezing snow!

nom nom mince pies

Also christmas time means birthday time for me also as it's at the beginning of jan and this means...? Cath Kidston treats of course!!

Zip up handbag in Vintage Rose print bought for me by my housemates!

Glasses case, ticket holder and sewing kit :)

This is the anniversary bag, 15 years that my friend Kim got me (1993-2008)

aaand my brother bought me this CK necklace for christmas ^.^

This necklace used to be my nan's and I found it before I came back to uni, it's so lovely.

I got this mug which is bloody fantastic from a charity shop the other day for 50p, brings back such good memories of being a brownie :)

This top I wore on my birthday, I got it also from a charity shop back home for a mere £4.50, it's absolutely stunning and I really love it.

This keyring was made for me by my friend Danielle, it's really cute and now goes everywhere with me.

I've also been sorting out some stuff aand decided to put a few pictures up on my bedroom wall which look pretty snazzy

and I managed to find this really cool book in the library called Kitchen Kitsch, it has some lovely vintage adverts in which are really inspiring for the trend project i'm working on.

I thought this was pretty cute how small Dahlia's laptop is compared to Lucy's!

and finally before I depart I wanted to show this hilarious picture of my cat! such a dapper young chap!


MelMel said...

Cute blog...I love CK, your goodies are fab!


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Sorry, thatwas me, my pooter suddenly started playing up as I was just about to leave a comment..x