Sunday, 31 January 2010

Passing Week

This weekend i'm at home with mumma bear which I am loving!

I went to the charity shops yesterday and got a few finds!

Also on Thursday we had a movie night with a few friends and watched The Edge Of Love which was brilliant. I do love a bit of Keira Knightly even if as Dahlia likes to put it "needs to eat a burger" !

So as well as movies and a hangover on my part we did some cooking during the day for snacks to eat while watching. Sausage rolls, cheesecake, truffles and nachos were all made and I took a couple of snaps to show.

Skins was on thursday night also but I wasn't overly impressed, maybe next week will be better.

Anyway have a nice rest of the weekend, as you can see i'm trying my hardest to post more often ;)

OH and this is half an outfit post kind of! I got this top agees ago but haven't worn it in a while, i've fell back in love with it :)


Charlotte. said...

that bag is lovely!
ahhh i wish i could find things like that in charity shops.


what lovely finds, and i agree about skins - i was bored. Hopefully better next ep tho xx