Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Month of November

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, really wish I had more time to post! But anyway here are a few things I have bought recently and wanted to share how lovely they are!

This amazingggg knitted blanket! ahh so cosy and lovely :)) yes yes charity shop special

This jacket is velvet with sparkly bits on and has a cute little tie knot, very 80's shoulders and was a charity shop find too

H&M dress, boned bodice made from lace.

Sequin jersey for my project - hopefully going to be high waisted hotpants! watch this spaceeee !

OH and my trip to Birmingham consisted of me getting absolutely soaked ! However I am on the way to sorting out all my christmas presents.
Went to see New Moon on friday which was good aand i'm so jealous I have no boys and she has two and there so attractive!

and don't forget Kirstie's homemade christmas 7th september!


lux lux said...

loves the blog! your paisley-printed bacground is beautiful. and especially the Lazy Oaf, features largely on my own Christmas wishlist:)
ps. are you at Cambridge studying? if so, ME TOOO! trying to find more Cambridge bloggers, contemplating starting a student room group or something..

Polly Farthing said...

Some great buys there! That blanket is especially wonderful in such lovely colours.

Looking forward to seeing those spangly hotpants of yours!

Polly x

LanguageTimothy said...

Wow that bed cover is amazing!! Iwant it :D