Friday, 20 November 2009

Homie weekend :)

Last weekend I went home for the weekend and it was lovely!! I had a really nice time christmas shopping with my mum :) I bought a few things that I wanted to show as I don't tend to go charity shopping much while I'm at uni as I prefer the ones back home.

This little hand knitted bobble hat was only £1 !

I got this top and it's completely covered in sequins and also made from pure silk, my house mates told me that new look are selling one really similar for £50 which makes me feel really good on how much I got it for!

This cute little money box is going to collect £2 coins for me :)

AND I FINALLY GOT LULAAAA !! it's beeeautiful <3 :))

OH and I wanted to tell you all, in case you didn't know that at the beginning of December Kirstie Allsopp's new show Homemade Christmas is coming out which will consist of 3 60 minute episodes showing how to create lots of lovely christmas things! HERE is a link to her twitter pictures showing some of the shows journey.

I hope your all having a lovely time at the moment, I'm off to Birmingham tomorrow to a vintage fair! Hopefully will take some pictures to show you all :)


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