Monday, 21 September 2009

Thrifty Weekend

So this weekend I went to two car boot sales, one on saturday, one on sunday and had a lovely time, i'm really going to miss going every weekend with my mum when I go back to uni next weekend.
Firstly I bought these really cute cottage salt and pepper pots, but as i'm not a fan of putting salt and pepper on my food I thought they would be great for cinnamon, hmm :) aaand not sure what else yet! any ideas?

Also i've wanted a cameo ring for quite a while now and was so excited to find this beaut :)

After I posted a trailer for The Lovely Bones out in January, I got a couple of comments telling me how great the book was so I hunted it down from the car boot and can't wait to start reading it (just need to finish The Friday Night Knitting Club now)

Lastly I got this adorable pink spotted dress, I don't actually own that much pink even though it's one of my favourite colours, mainly because i think it suits interiors more than me but this is really lovely, just need to take it up a few inches now!

All in all a lovely lovely weekend :)


Whiteteef said...

you'll be super proud of my super old vogue book i brought from the local farm shop for 30p!
cute dress muffin! x

Wonderlander said...

Oh those salt n pepper pots are soooo sweet! Cinnamon sounds like a good plan. And maybe vanilla sugar in the other?

Have fun back at Uni- i'm itching to go back now!!


Dina said...

i love bootsales! shame winter is upon us soon