Friday, 14 August 2009


Met up with my very very good friend Lucy yesterday who I haven't seen for weeks since we departed uni for the summer!
We firstly went to Spitalfields market, it's always antiques on a thursday so I knew this great jewellery stand would be there and I got these for only £1 each!

After this we went to my favourite haunt, beyond retro down cheshire street but stopped along the way down brick lane, saw this fantastically dressed young man wearing a navy suit and brogues and he was driving a dark green vespa.

Then we decided to go the V&A via south kensington. My favourite part was seeing a genuine 1970's floral suit worn by Barbara Hulanicki of Biba.

A couple of my other favourite things that we saw including collaborations of students from RCA and a patchwork bag which I think stood for woman's rights but don't hold me to that.

In the photography section there was a picture by Tim Walker which made me very excited as he is an absolute favourite of mine.

A trip was then made to Harrods to look at the really expensive garments that I couldn't afford and made me truly thankful I love second hand items!

Then onto Liberty's, they are doing a "Prints Charming" exhibition at the moment and are decorating the back of the building which can be seen from Carnaby Street with there well known floral prints.

FINALLY Lucy gave me a gift!! Homemade knitted buns, yummy enough to eat :))))

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)

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Wonderlander said...

Tim Walker is my Hero. I LOVE him and his work. The patchwork bag is a Tracey Emin & Longchamp collaboration ( I did an a-level project on patchwork so know all about it!)

I've commented back to your comment on my blog (confusing ey?)

Looks like you had a fun day out!