Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yesterday's Trip

These are the finds I got at the charity shops in Stevenage yesterday!

Also went to see Harry Potter, bit of a tradition to go with my mum. The romance story line is so sweet!
I was reading Grazia magazine and came across this interview with Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny, she looked amazing in the pictures. Here they are


amyyyyy. said...

Them are lovely photos :)


amyyyyy. said...

Oh and thats a good point, I never thought of the fact they'll be split. Hmm, I wonder. It'll be weird with hilary duff in it though, used to like her when I was younger, dunno if I'll like her now.. I don't really want her on gossip girl. haha :)


Anonymous said...

Wow some fantastic finds in the charity shops! very cute bag.

Ark is the coolest place in Cambridge I spent a very long time trying things on and listening to the old records.

Thank you for the link I must check out those carboot sales!

Polly x